What our customers say

Reuben Noruega

After taking my MacBook Pro 2011 to Apple as my hard drive stopped responding. Apple advised me that I should bin the MacBook as fixing it won’t guarantee long term use of the MacBook. I decided to take my MacBook in with Farid. I explained the issues to Farid, he mentioned that i don’t need to worry about a getting a new MacBook as he can help save it. After replacing some parts and fixing the issues i had, I am so thrilled with the service received.

Sabrina Nadine

Managed to smash my MacBook Pro screen with retina display, out of desperation I contacted PCHOME Bromley and they fixed my screen within 2 days, great prices and communication! Would definitely recommend them, any computer worries I shall be returning to them! Absolutely Amazing!!

Nick Barber

I went to PCHOME as a new customer, with a synchronising virus that was adversely affecting my business email account.  Therefore it was important to get fixed.  Farid was thorough and diligent in trying to get to the root of a tricky problem, and moreover determined to come up with a solution that worked, which he did.  I was impressed with Farid’s professionalism and approach throughout.

Mrs Anne Rudduck

PCHOME Bromley promptly replaced my hard drive and saved and reinstalled my data. His persistence and professionalism are exemplary. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for calm competence and genuine value for money. Thank you, Farid!


My name is Hadji, I had my Mac suffering from slowness and shutting down itself and if I was to take it to Apple it would have take longer to repair and cost me lots of money. Then a friend of mine recommended me to PC homes which do the job faster and also at a reasonable prices specially if you’re a student. First of all I didn’t believe until they perform their magic on my Mac, as a result of it my Mac works perfectly fine and much faster and ended up costing me less. I truly and highly recommend PC homes to anyone that’s having difficulties with their PCs and Macs instead of going to places as Apple where they charge you hefty amount unlike PC homes that charges at reasonable prices.

Phil Epsom

I cannot recommend Farid enough. Very helpful, knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend him for all your computer requirements.

Matt Burtoft

I have a 6 year old Mac book Pro which had slowly ground to a halt over the last couple of years. Farid replaced the HD and transferred all my data onto the new HD and added additional RAM to improve the processing speed. Mac was back with me in 2 days and works beautifully.

Stephen Mccaulsky-Martin

Excellent service, fast & efficient. PCHOME Bromley was very friendly and honest about the condition of my MacBook Pro, told me what the problems were & gave me quotes on the prices I was looking to pay for it. Always a straight answer & gave me 100% reliability that he could fix it within a reasonable amount of time.

Mikko Petäjä

Farid solved my software issue (that I thought was a hardware issue initially) really well, continuously communicating of the process with me, putting a lot of hours and dedication into it. I’m happy to rely on his expertise in the future, too.

Ghalib Macadam

My iMac failed to boot up after upgrading the operating system. Genius bar at the Apple Store could not fix it, and suggested as the machine was older than 5 years, I buy a new computer as my computer and the data on it was not salvageable. Went to see Farid after reading the reviews of other satisfied customers. I now have a functioning computer, with a new hard drive, and more memory. And I have all my old data; including numerous photos and videos that I though were lost forever. Fantastic service, and regular updates after he had discovered what the problem was. 5 stars in every department, thank you.

Brian Jardine

A prompt and helpful service by Farid of PCHOME Bromley. An extremely knowledgeable man who is giving a first class service to his customers. My Mac 27 had never been updated/upgraded since I bought it over 8 years ago. It is now like new after he has given it a complete overhaul and twice the amount of memory space than I had before. It now has the all singing all dancing version of OS X EL Capitan.

Richard Majewski

Farid agreed to update the Ram on my iMac 27′ Apple computer We agreed a price and a home visit for the work to be done Farid was on time , polite and knowledgeable about what was required, It all went very smoothly – I have no hesitation in recommending him. I have used Apple and PC World in the past and they have never lived up to the service that you would expect. I will be using Farid for more work on my computers