Custom built PC

Custom Built PC

Custom built PC services for home and business

At PCHOME Bromley, we can design and build you the computer of your dreams. It doesn’t matter what type of PC you’re looking for. Want something for high-end gaming? No problem. Need a normal home user machine? Piece of cake. We do it all.

Custom PCs, built to your requirements

Computing is our passion, so building computers that customers will love is one of our favourite jobs. With many years of experience, our professional build team are used to designing and creating top spec machines to meet your needs. We also update the custom build systems to give you great value for money.


Why chose our custom built pc services:

  • High end component used to build your machine
  • PC assembled by professional and experienced technician
  • 3 years warranty
  • Unbeatable prices



I’m having problems with my custom computer; can you help?

If you’ve built a computer yourself, things can sometimes go wrong. After all, computers are complicated machines and, if you’re not an experienced technician, you might make a even a small mistake that has big consequences. Luckily, PCHOME Bromley is here to help. You can get in touch for PC repairs, or Apple Mac repairs if you’re an Apple user, and we’ll be happy to discuss your problem, and get your machine fully operational.


I think my computer has a virus. What should I do?

Just like any other computer, a custom-built machine may get a virus. There are plenty of nasty viruses that aren’t necessarily easy to detect; why not check our list of common computer problems for advice? However, if you’re convinced your computer has a virus, you can always contact us for a professional virus removal.


What can I do about my computer running slowly?

There are many reasons why a computer may be running slowly, and there are plenty of ways to try to combat a slow running machine. The best way is to keep your hard drive clear, and to make sure you don’t have lots of apps needlessly runing at once. Apple Mac users can check out this handy blog about slow running machines. And don’t forget, if you’re machine is slow, we can help – we offer everything from laptop repairs to virus removal!

Gaming PC, Professional Workstation & Home Office Computers


Reuben Noruega

After taking my MacBook Pro 2011 to Apple as my hard drive stopped responding. Apple advised me that I should bin the MacBook as fixing it won’t guarantee long term use of the MacBook. I decided to take my MacBook in with Farid. I explained the issues to Farid, he mentioned that i don’t need to worry about a getting a new MacBook as he can help save it. After replacing some parts and fixing the issues i had, I am so thrilled with the service received.

Sabrina Nadine

Managed to smash my MacBook Pro screen with retina display, out of desperation I contacted PCHOME Bromley and they fixed my screen within 2 days, great prices and communication! Would definitely recommend them, any computer worries I shall be returning to them! Absolutely Amazing!!

Nick Barber

I went to PCHOME as a new customer, with a synchronising virus that was adversely affecting my business email account.  Therefore it was important to get fixed.  Farid was thorough and diligent in trying to get to the root of a tricky problem, and moreover determined to come up with a solution that worked, which he did.  I was impressed with Farid’s professionalism and approach throughout.