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Virus removal services for home and small business

These days, unfortunately, computer viruses are incredibly common; it is very rare for any web user to have avoided getting a virus at least once. The plus side, however, is that this means we have had plenty of experience dealing with malware (the collective title for spyware, adware and viruses.)

Our computer repair service includes providing fast and thorough virus removal to the Bromley area. You can either bring your infected device in, or make use of our PC repair at home policy. Viruses can be very malicious, especially spyware, which is designed to collect sensitive information. It’s best not to take any chances!


Hints and tips

One of the best ways to combat viruses is to know how to identify a virus when you have one. Here are a few tips for what to look out for, and what measures to take:

  • Fraud antivirus – pop messages warn you of a detected threat, but wants you to pay for their removal. Be careful! These can often be very convincing.
  • Never give in to pop ups that ask for payments; giving your bank details can have disastrous consequences!
  • Browsers redirecting you from the web address you have typed in.
  • Finding that you are unable to run applications that usually work, often warning messages pop up.
  • Be wary of adding toolbars to your browser; they can sometimes contain adware.
  • Ensure you have a trusted antivirus always running, and perform regular scans.
  • Keep all your data backed up- if you get a particularly destructive virus, at least your files will be safe.


If you experience any of the above, it is always best to be in touch with a PC repair company. If you call PCHOME Bromley, we can discuss any problems you are having, and we will give you a free diagnostic, as well as a quote.



I’m still not sure if I have a virus or not. What should I do?

Virsues can often be very difficult to recognise, and just because your computer isn’t working properly, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a virus. If your machine has issues, you can check our handy list of common computer problems. Whatever the issue is, we can help; we also offer PC repairs, laptop repairs and Apple Mac repairs for broken machines. Just get in touch.


My computer is locked, and a message is asking for payment to unlock it. What should I do?

If your computer has locked you out until you make a payment, your machine is almost certainly infected with ransomware. Ransomware is an extremely malicious virus that effectively holds your computer or computer files hostage until you pay a ransom. Whatever you do, don’t pay or give any of your bank details. Instead, contact us immediately, and we’ll do what we can to remove the virus.


What other services does PCHOME Bromley offer?

At PCHOME Bromley, we offer a wide range of computer services. As well as dealing with computer problems, such as viruses or broken hardware, we can also build custom computers. A custom built computer is a great way to get a high spec PC for a lower cost, and we’d be delighted to help.

Virus Removal, Malware Removal and Decrypto locker Removal and Prevention


Mrs Anne Rudduck

PCHOME Bromley promptly replaced my hard drive and saved and reinstalled my data. His persistence and professionalism are exemplary. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for calm competence and genuine value for money. Thank you, Farid!


My name is Hadji, I had my Mac suffering from slowness and shutting down itself and if I was to take it to Apple it would have take longer to repair and cost me lots of money. Then a friend of mine recommended me to PC homes which do the job faster and also at a reasonable prices specially if you’re a student. First of all I didn’t believe until they perform their magic on my Mac, as a result of it my Mac works perfectly fine and much faster and ended up costing me less. I truly and highly recommend PC homes to anyone that’s having difficulties with their PCs and Macs instead of going to places as Apple where they charge you hefty amount unlike PC homes that charges at reasonable prices.

Phil Epsom

I cannot recommend Farid enough. Very helpful, knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend him for all your computer requirements.