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Computer & PC repair services for home and small business

PCHOME Bromley delivers a fast and thorough computer repair service, and we pride ourselves on being the most reliable and professional desktop/PC repair company in the Bromley area. We believe that our customers should be kept in the know about the condition of their computer, and we offer a free diagnostic so that you can make an informed decision about what to do next.

We feel that, as a competitive and customer-orientated computer repair company, we have a responsibility to offer the best deal available for our desktop repair service. In other words, you can feel reassured that we’ll have your computer fixed in no time, and it won’t hurt your wallet!

When choosing PCHOME Bromley as your computer repair company, you will receive the benefit of:

  • Free diagnostic
  • Computer repair at home
  • Emergency PC call out
  • Over 17 years of PC and computer experience
  • SSD & SSHD hard drive installation
  • Vista and 7, 8 & Windows 10 desktop support and installation
  • Virus, malware detection and removal
  • No fix, no fee policy

Whether you have a faulty monitor, a broken keyboard, or a malicious virus or laptop issues, we have the know how to get your machine back to you quickly; we understand the importance of the home computer to families and professionals. Therefore, we guarantee that our PC repair service is swift and thorough; if the problem isn’t fixed, you will not be charged. We are based in Bromley and service the surrounding area, so if you are having difficulty with your computer, give PCHOME Bromley a call – you won’t regret it!


I have an Apple Mac. Can I still get it repaired?

Of course! As well as offering PC and laptop repairs, we’re also available to take a look at problems with Apple Mac computers. There are plenty of things that can go wrong with Apple computers, just like regular computers, and they’re not always straightforward. If you’re having problems with your Mac, you can get in touch about our Apple Mac repair service.

I think my computer has a virus. What should I do?

Unfortunately, viruses are all too common. Some are glaringly obvious, such as ransomware, while some are harder to detect. If you think your machine has a virus, you can check our list of common computer problems for handy advice. Any computer viruses should be gotten rid of as quickly as possible, so we’d encourage you to consider professional virus removal.

Does PCHOME Bromley build custom computers?

At PCHOME Bromley, we’re passionate about computers – it’s what we love! If you’re in need of a powerful gaming PC, or a high spec computer for running certain software, we can help. Our custom built PCs offer the ideal solution to your computing needs. Just get in touch.

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See how happy our customers are!

Ghalib Macadam

My iMac failed to boot up after upgrading the operating system. Genius bar at the Apple Store could not fix it, and suggested as the machine was older than 5 years, I buy a new computer as my computer and the data on it was not salvageable. Went to see Farid after reading the reviews of other satisfied customers. I now have a functioning computer, with a new hard drive, and more memory. And I have all my old data; including numerous photos and videos that I though were lost forever. Fantastic service, and regular updates after he had discovered what the problem was. 5 stars in every department, thank you.

Brian Jardine

A prompt and helpful service by Farid of PCHOME Bromley. An extremely knowledgeable man who is giving a first class service to his customers. My Mac 27 had never been updated/upgraded since I bought it over 8 years ago. It is now like new after he has given it a complete overhaul and twice the amount of memory space than I had before. It now has the all singing all dancing version of OS X EL Capitan.

Richard Majewski

Farid agreed to update the Ram on my iMac 27′ Apple computer We agreed a price and a home visit for the work to be done Farid was on time , polite and knowledgeable about what was required, It all went very smoothly – I have no hesitation in recommending him. I have used Apple and PC World in the past and they have never lived up to the service that you would expect. I will be using Farid for more work on my computers